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Youth Led


Anti-Tobacco and vaping advocacy

Many young people are passionate advocates against the actions of tobacco and e-cigarette industries.Here are examples of places where youth can get involved.

Youth Engagement Alliance

Take Down Tobacco Training Program

Take Down Tobacco National Day of Action

The Truth Campaign has an ambassador program and more

Advocacy around sensible drug laws

Students For Sensible Drug Policies

Started in the 1990s, this organization is composed primarily of college students who want to see better policies about drugs put in place. Also they are very active in reducing misconceptions and harms of drugs.

Older students teaching younger students

In the film we see junior and senior high school students leading 9th graders in discussions about substances. The older students work with a health teacher in preparing lesson plans. They do this via support from California’s Tobacco-Use Prevention Education (TUPE) program. Some of the materials they use in their presentations are from Stanford's Tobacco Prevention Toolkit.  

Just Say Know is a peer to peer drug education program. It is part of Students For Sensible Drug Policy. Members of this organization get certified to lead this education program. The members tend to be college age and above. Some of their presentations are done in high schools.