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Screenagers Under The Influence: Addressing Vaping, Drugs & Alcohol In The Digital Age (Classroom Edition)

50 Minutes

*This is the shortened version of the movie, removing some parenting advice specific sections - for classroom use. (Please do not use for public/community screenings)

Screenagers Under The Influence, the third feature documentary in the Screenagers trilogy, explores how our tech revolution has impacted teens’ views and behaviors around alcohol, vaping, cannabis, and other substances, and what parents, schools, and teens can do to support healthy decision making, such as harm reduction education, restorative practices, and improved family communication. 

While a few documentaries do exist regarding severe drug addiction, there is a pressing need for a film on the more common scenarios around substance use and the spectrum of drug and behavioral dependencies, including screen-related behaviors. Screenagers Under the Influence will explore these issues and, most importantly, examine a multitude of solutions. The film will interweave cutting-edge science with many stories to create a film experience that appeals to both youth and adults.  

This movie split into shorter parts
Right facing arrow
Part 1
Nicotine & Vaping
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Video Game Addiction
Part 5
Opioids & Hallucinogens