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Delaney Ruston, M.D.

When we released the first Screenagers movie, I couldn’t have imagined the impact it would make. Our movies have been seen by over 5 million people in more than 10,000 communities around the world.

To this day, our website — filled with the resources, blogs and podcasts we've built and updated over the course of 6 years — continues to receive millions of visitors annually.

It is deeply humbling to have been trusted to offer support to so many families over the years, which is why I am so pleased to introduce “The Screenagers Project.”

This platform is designed for schools and brings together all of our movies and resources for unlimited use in the classroom — along with a brand new curriculum & lesson plans, resources for educators and a lot more.  


The Screenagers Project is our online platform giving members unlimited access to our movies, curriculum and wide range of resources.

Members can enjoy on-demand access to our movies for their institutional use - e.g. in the classroom, along with the option to run public screenings of the movies for their communities - e.g. Parents Nights.

Our extensive curriculum contains lesson plans for use in the classroom. Each lesson plan is tailored to a specific age group and builds on the themes of the movies. Independently aligned with CASEL® SEL Competencies, this curriculum supports your existing Social Emotional Learning and Digital Citizenship programs.

Members will also have access to a range of additional resources exclusive to The Screenagers Project, designed to support educators and their communities.

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Unlimited, on-demand access to the Screenagers movies for internal school use — e.g. in classrooms and among the faculty and staff.

Original and Classroom edits of the movies — with classroom editions edited to fit with standard lesson lengths.

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Access to our new, extensive curriculum and lesson plans, which allow students to dive deeper into the content of each film.

Different versions of all lesson plans to suit different grade levels: Elementary (4-5), Middle (6-8) and High (9-12).

“Turnkey” design — lessons are all ready to go with guidance, activities, discussion points and more.

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Membership options include the benefit of hosting In-Person public screenings of our movies for your community members (e.g. Parents Nights), as often needed.

Members will have access to a range of resources including marketing packs and facilitator guides to support the effective running of your community screening events.

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Access to the full library of Screenagers resources related to the themes explored in our movies.


New exclusive video content for members like “Screenagers Bites” featuring over 60 videos of advice and discussion from the experts in our movies.

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A page of curated news, resources and content for you to share with parent communities.


Discounts on copies of Dr. Delaney Ruston's book, “Parenting In The Screen Age," along with invites to our online book club sessions for members.


Access to the Screenagers Educators' Podcast where Delaney and special guests address topics relevant to educators and schools grappling with the digital age.


Curated news feed on the latest news, research and information relevant to the themes of our movies.

Who can be
a member?

The Screenagers Project was primarily designed to benefit schools and the communities they serve.

Membership is offered on a "one institution per membership" basis - so in the example of a school, membership would mean the faculty and staff of that school could access and enjoy the benefit of the platform.

School districts or other bodies purchasing on behalf of a number of individual schools would do so on basis that each school would need their own membership and discounted rates are offered in this scenario so please inquire.

All memberships are offered on a 12-month basis and many other suitable use cases do exist so please do get in touch to discuss your needs with a member of our team.

Schools & Educational use
Coalitions & Collaboratives
Youth Mental Health groups
Many others - Please inquire


Screenagers: Growing up in the digital age

The average kid spends many hours a day looking at screens for entertainment. Filmmaker and physician Delaney Ruston wondered about the impact of all this screen time on kids and the friction from it in homes and schools. Delaney probes into the vulnerable corners of family life, including her own, to explore struggles over social media, video games, academics and internet addiction.

Through poignant and unexpectedly funny stories, along with surprising insights from authors, psychologists and brain scientists, Screenagers: Growing Up in the Digital Age reveals how tech time impacts kids’ development and offers solutions on how to best empower kids to navigate the digital world and find balance.

Screenagers next chapter: Addressing Mental Health in the digital Age

Screenagers Next Chapter is a deep dive into teen stress, anxiety and depression in the digital age. Dr. Delaney Ruston includes her own parenting journey once again, this time searching for ways to help her daughter through depression.

The movie weaves together personal stories and pairs them with evidence-based practices from the top researchers, psychologists, psychiatrists, pediatricians and educators. The movie focuses on how to empower teens to overcome mental health challenges and build emotional agility and stress resilience.


Join Screenagers filmmaker, Delaney Ruston as she picks up her camera once more to examine the impact of our digital age on teens decision making in relation to substances such as vaping, alcohol and drugs.

Exploring the latest research and learning more about the personal experiences of teens and families, the film highlights the changing landscape of the substances themselves, offering solutions for how we can best empower teens, as they face decisions about what they will and will not be influenced by.


If you are interested in membership to The Screenagers Project for your institution, please contact us via the inquiry form below to receive more information on pricing and member benefits.

If you are interested in membership for multiple schools (e.g. School Districts) please also register below to receive more detail on price and available discounts.

Membership to the Screenagers Project is offered on a "one institution per membership" basis.

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