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Screen Time Contracts

Delaney Ruston, MD

When I started making Screenagers, I originally considered the title Out of Control, because that is what I was feeling like as a parent of two kids who wanted more and more screen time. Since then, I have learned that so many parents feel the same.

The good news is, creating a family agreement really does help. Just the act of creating an agreement together is a major positive step. Making the agreement requires calm family talks which lead to defining of values, setting goals, and determining usage limits. To help facilitate the process I want to share from my own, and others’ experiences.

Remember, if you prefer you can start super small with a small agreement of just a couple of rules outlined with the incentives. Make sure to get your kids’ input. Also, consider sharing something you as a parent are trying to change such as your phone distraction at the dinner table. The more you make this feel like a team effort, the better. I keep reminding myself that we are all in this together.

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