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Substance Use


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What Students Will Uncover

Students will examine how the presence of technology has changed the way teens are exposed to risky behaviors and substances.

Lesson Overview

Lesson Objectives

After watching the film and participating in guided discussions, students will:

  • Develop awareness about the frequency of substance imagery exposure in the media they consume
  • Identify and correct popular myths about substances including cannabis, alcohol and nicotine
  • Become aware of  how alcohol, cannabis dispensaries and nicotine brands use social media to market their products to young audiences
  • Understand a safety-first approach when it comes to drugs and alcohol
  • Learn strategies to help keep themselves and their friends safe around drugs and alcohol

Lesson Materials



This section is intended for the educator, providing them with information about the film, its themes and topics, as well as tips for how to lead students in an impactful discussion.

About The Film

The Film in Context


Lesson Introduction

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Show Slides 1-2

Suggested Script:

"Today we will be discussing the impact of technology on teens where experimentation with substances, like nicotine, alcohol and other drugs, becomes more prevalent."
"You will learn the science behind substance dependence and addiction and how nicotine, alcohol and cannabis companies try to influence youth through social media."
"You will also learn skills and strategies for keeping yourselves and others safe."

Before The Movie

Pre-Screening Discussion with Students:

Teacher invites students to share their answers with the class, while taking notes on the board.

1. Have you learned about alcohol and drugs in school? 

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2. How does the information you have learned about substances in school differ from what you’ve learned from friends or from the media you consume?

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Before showing the film, distribute the Guide for Reflective Viewing, which emphasizes emotional connection to the material and broad reflection on the themes.

Suggestion: Pause movie after each section and prompt students to write notes about the material they just viewed.

Play The Film

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Lesson Activities

Post Viewing Discussion + Reflection

Teacher asks students:

Slide 7

Activity 1

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Learning From Our Peers (20 minutes)

As a class, discuss each of the young people’s stories using the prompts on the slides.

Slide 9 - Ellie

Slide 10 - Jo

Slide 11 - Joshua

Slide 12 - Rhana

Alternatively, put students in small groups and ask them to select the story of one of the young people featured in the film: 

  1. Ellie’s choice to document her quitting vaping journey over TikTok. 
  2. Jo’s use of cannabis to self-medicate for depression and anxiety. 
  3. Joshua’s inability to stop video gaming. 
  4. Rhana’s party girl identity in high school.

Once they’ve chosen which story they’d like to focus on, ask them to have a discussion about the following questions:

  1. Do you relate to this person’s  experiences? 
  2. Do any of their struggles with certain behaviors / substances surprise you? Why or why not?
  3. What do you think we can do, individually or as a community, to reduce the risks of drug use and addiction?

Activity 2

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The Importance of Relationships + Connection (15 minutes or Independent Homework Assignment)

This film explores how important building trusted connections with a community can be during the risk-taking and experimental stage of adolescence. This activity is designed to help students identify the people and resources they can use when they need help.

Distribute the Screenagers: Identifying Resources and Support worksheet

Ask students to answer the five questions on the sheet: 

  1. If you were worried about a friend whose alcohol use was starting to interfere with school or put their health and safety at risk, what do you think you’d want to say to them? 
  2. If you wanted to get help for your friend at your school or in your community, where do you think you would go for help? 
  3. Who can you turn to when you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed?   
  4. What do you like about how they treat you or make you feel? 
  5. What could you do to help your classmates find the support they need, so they don’t rely on substance use to cope with stress or worry?

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Activity 3

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Activity 4

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Activity 5

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Lesson Conclusion

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