Host A Screening

Screening our movies publicly is a great way to bring your school or community together to raise awareness around the issues involved.

As a member on our UNLIMITED tier, you are welcome to host in-person screening events of your included movies, for your own school or community.

A typical event includes a screening of one of our movies, followed up by a discussion session using the facilitators guide provided.

Please note, screenings are subject to requesting a license here each time. Learn more about hosting your event below and when ready, request your license using the form on this page.

How to host

1. Plan Your Event
"Unlimited" tier members are welcome to host in-person screening events, for any of their included movies, as often as they like. Your membership agreement contains specific details but in-short permitted events are;

- In-Person, hosted at your own school site or facility.
- For the benefit of the community you serve only ( e.g. Schools - Parents, Guardians, PTA, Local Community Members).
- Not broadcast online as part of a virtual or hybrid event.

If you want to host an online screening or screen a movie not currently included in your membership, please see more details under "Contact Us" on this page.

2. Request A License
When you are ready, please submit a request for a screening license using the form on this page. Hosts are welcome to screen the movie as often as they need, but must request a license for each individual screening and wait until approved before screening.

Our team will action all license requests within 1 business day, but please submit requests well in advance of your event to avoid disappointment.

3. Market Your Event
Be sure to create a plan to market and raise awareness of your event. Below you will find resources to help you do this including a full marketing pack and guide.

4. Invite and Register Guests
Hosts are free to implement any sort of invite / ticketing / registration system that they wish to. We have always used and recommend Event Combo as an effective and free solution for registering and managing guest numbers and many alternatives exist.

Under our screening license, members are permitted to charge a fee for tickets if they wish, or accept donations.

5. On The Day...
Our marketing guide contains more information, but some important points to highlight are:

- Test Beforehand: Once licensed, you are permitted to use the full version od the movie contained within your membership to stream for your guests. Please make sure you test this at the venue and on the equipment you are intending to use well in advance of and again on the day of your event to ensure suitable function.

- Find Helpers: Be sure to enlist the support of helpers for your event. Some useful roles are - Ticket checkers, Microphone runners - for Q&A sessions, Chaperones - to guide guests to seats and answer general guest questions.

- Guest Safety And Comfort: Whilst most events will run with no issues, don't forget to have a first aid plan in place, ensure signposting is in place for restrooms and have some bottles of water on hand for speakers or if guests are in need.

6. Have A Great Event!
You will be joining over 10,000 other hosts around the world who have screened our movies. We love hearing from our hosts about their events so be sure to let us know how it went!

Try to take some images of your event and capture some guest testimonials - these are a great way to show your community how you are supporting them and build interest for any future events you run.

REquest a license

*Become a full member to request a license.
Thank you! A member of our team will review and email your license within 1 business day.
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Contact Us

For more details on hosting an online screening event or adding additional movies to your membership please contact us via email or visit the contact page.

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