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The Screenagers book club with Dr. Delaney Ruston

Join author of Parenting In The Screen Age, and Screenagers filmmaker, Dr. Delaney Ruston as she hosts the bi-monthly Screenagers Book Club.

Each session will look at one particular topic and chapter from the book. Delaney and special guests will discuss and debate the ideas therein. Guest can ask questions and get involved in a live discussion.

While owning a copy of the book isn't mandatory, it is recommended. Head over to our book page to download a preview or buy your copy, with a special discount for members.

(Table of Contents
Chapter 1, Social Media; Chapter 2, Video Games; Chapter 3, Mental Health; Chapter 4, Sleep; Chapter 5, Essential Preparation for Screen-Related Conversations; Chapter 6, Contracts and Family Rules; Chapter 7, Challenging Conversations; Chapter 8, Screens in Schools and Homework; Chapter 9, Fostering Human Bonds; Chapter 10, Cultivating Creativity, Insight, and Focus)

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2. We run our book club sessions on Zoom. For the best experience, we recommend downloading Zoom to your device.

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Social Media

Join Dr. Delaney Ruston, author of Parenting in the Screen Age: A Guide to Calm Conversations, to discuss the Social Media Chapter.

Join Us ON:
Dec 6, 2022
17:00 - 17:45 PST
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